The Port City Tornados defeated the Pensacola Lightning 121-98 increasing their record to 16 -1. Tim Amerson scored an ABA career high 49 points. 

The Tornados are ranked #5 in the ABA Power Ranking behind ABA Champions who they travel to Jacksonville to play on Saturday. The Tornados will play the Jacksinville Giants in Jacksonville and host them the following week in Mobile with the regular season ending March 3rd.  

Shot and  edited by Princess Productions. 

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We Are Not Just Basketball, We Are About Changing Lives Through Sport In The Port City

Road To The ABA Championships

It Is Not The Size Of The Dog In The Fight, It's The Fight In The Dog!

We are told that when you believe, in God all things are possible. The Tornados have faced many challenges over the past 5 years to enhance sports in Mobile and were counted out on many occasions; nevertheless, one of the best win - loss records in the ABA because GOD always made away. 

On the road to the ABA Championships in Austin, The Tornados have to play the most game to get to the Championship, we believe GOD will provide what we need to slay the giants before us. 

We would love to have you on this journey because we know the best is yet to come. We are true to our slogan, "We are not just basketball, we are about changing lives." Each person connected to the Tornados has their own special uniqueness, each play a special part in the overall success of the Tornados and each one in their own special way knows what it takes to become the ABA Champion. 

The stage is set, light and cameras are in place and the Tornados are ready to perform at maximum capacity. Our goal with GOD is to slay the giant on Saturday April 7th.